Beautiful ending of the European Championship! – 22 positions up and 8th place in the final !!!

The fourth round of European Championships on the track in Italian Franciacort was certainly one of the most difficult competitions in my career. A successful quali gave me a good starting position for qualifying races. However, with such a strong stakes, it was hard to hold onto. In the following heats I was on the 20,12,11,11 and 6th place, thanks to which I started 15th in the superheat. Unfortunately, there was something missing in this race, I lost a few positions by reaching the 21st place. However, I managed to advance to the final of the competition.What happened in the final is hard to describe. 36 competitors took part in it and only 18 reached the finish line. This race was a total fight. The rivals were attacking very hard, with more drivers falling off the track on each lap. I started from a distant 31st position but I was 22nd in the first corner. I managed to get out of many difficult situations. Good, steady pace and cool blood allowed me to gradually climb up. I crossed the final line in the high 8th position, advancing by 22 places !!!In the general classification of the European Championship I was placed 23rd with the achievements of 8 points.Great treats for Jan Przyrowski who won the competition and won the title of European Vice-Champion. Congratulations!!!

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