Difficult end of the season

The 2022 World Cup is behind me. It was a tough competition – 111 drivers, 7 qualifying races and checkered weather, alternating clouds and sun, dry track, wet track. Despite a quite good quali (P9), a really great pace (I had a few best laps in races) and a good finish in 4 qualifying heats (P12, P9, P12, P11) and a superheat (P14 and 12 points up), but I didn’t make it, did not qualify to the final race. Two poor starts (P36, P23) deprived me of a chance for the final fight. I finished the World Championship in 44th position. Today the tiredness has passed, the emotions have subsided, but there has been a huge dissatisfaction. I did my best and hoped for a much better end to this intense season. Well, such a sport. Time to rest and recharge your batteries.Thank you very much for this entire season to my WARD Racing team, in particular to Sergey, for their support and well-prepared equipment, and to all cheering for me for keeping my fingers crossed and adding wings. And Jan Przyrowski – one’s again huge congratulations !!!

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