We almost won!

We are over the third round of ROK CUP Poland. And, once again, Marcel stood on the podium, this time as the second one. During the Thursday and Friday training sessions, the Jastrzębski Racing competitor was in great shape and set very good lap times. Unfortunately, the result of the Saturday’s official training did not reflect them. We expected difficult and raining weather conditions. Fortunately, the time trial took place on a dry track. We did not have so much luck – bad position on the track and the ninth place. Luckily for Marcel, as we have already seen it many times, the more players to overtake, the better. So it was this time, too. In the first race our driver moved very quickly to the top and finished as the 4th one. Half an hour before the second final, the engine in the Jastrzębie go-kart was dead. The atmosphere became extremely tense.

Car mechanics, however, rose to the task and the vehicle was ready on time. Marcel repaid by showing an amazing racing drive. In first laps he moved from fourth to second position. In the next ones, Iwo Beszterda who was in the first position, was a bit unlucky, and Marcel took the lead. Until the end of the race, he had a very good pace, and was leading a group of 27 drivers. Sunday morning started with rain, but the competitors began the 3rd race when it was dry. Marcel started from pole position. He had a very good start and worked a slight distance. The rest of the drivers did not give up even for a moment. On the last lap, Marcel dropped to the second position, but a few turns later he made a successful attack and again took the lead until the end of the race. The fourth race – he started again from the first position. Unfortunately, a small configuration mistake caused that the go-kart was going slower than the driver would like. In spite of the fact that Marcel the whole race was driving with the leaders, he lost few positions and had no chance to attack successfully and make up the lost time. He crossed the finish line as 4th. In this round he missed just 4 points to win. In Toruń, Marcel gained the second step of the podium. We got more points and moved to the first place in the Cup’s general classification. The last round of ROK CUP in Bydgoszcz will start in three weeks. We are re going to see some action! Marcel will fight for the victory till the end. And what is the most important – MARCEL WINS A TICKET FOR THE ROK CUP SUPERFINAL 2020!!!!!

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