Well, from Sweden

Last weekend, in preparation for the next round of the European Championships, I took part in the Champions of the Future race weekend in Kristianstad. At the start, almost 80 OKJ class riders checked in. It was not a light workout. The track is difficult, the weather was very changeable, but I did my best. Almost… Quali, unfortunately I made a mistake in the first sector and finished 20 in the group and as much as 60 in general.Heats arranged with different luck, in each I managed to gain a lot of positions, once I was pushed out, twice I got 5 seconds penalty for the bumper. After the qualifying races, I was already 39th overall. I started for the superheat from 20 position and that was my race. 13 laps of continuous combat. I crossed the finish line 12. Thanks to this, I got to the final of the competition. 35 starting position, but I’m in. And the final… it was the final. After the start I quickly gained 10 places, unfortunately I made a slight mistake when overtaking and again I drop to the end of the grid. Then I chased and made up for the losses. On lap 14, the sunny weather turned into a downpour… I saw how otfer drivers fly out of the track. In these extremely difficult conditions I gave my best to stay on the track, and even to advance a few positions. The red flags and the final were stopped after lap 16. I finished in 22nd position. Finally, from 60 positions after the quali, I jumped 38 places up, in the general classification.I think the weekend was successful, I had a pretty good pace, not many mistakes, few penalties … But it was a very good preparation for the European Championships, which in Sweden in two weeks.

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